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Course of Sala Silom Thai Language
Introduction learn Thai at SST          A broad range of subjects catering to the needs of any person/persons wishing to live, or do business in Thailand.
learn Thai with Teacher SST Curriculum:   
Course Provides learn Thai I. Basic communication skills, simple dialogues, introduction to phonetics.
Schedule learn Thai II. Expanded communication skills, increased vocabulary, understanding sentence patterns and  structures.
Location learn Thai III. Board communication skills, introduction to reading and writing  Thai.
Contact for learning Thai IV. Understanding the basics of Thai reading and wirting, reading and writing short sentences.
Contact Sala SilomSala Silom on FB V. Reading and comprehension of short stories about Thai life.
  VI. Thai culture and beliefs.
  Advanced Curriculum:
       Advanced Thai Culture Studies lead to increased knowledge of Thai culture and its traditions. Students read and comprehend subject material, discuss topics and aspects of their own culture and write essays on related subjects
       Subjects include: Buddhism, Newspaper I, Newspaper II, Social  Problems, Medical issues, Folk Tales, Thai History and Short Stories.
Sala Silom Thai Language
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